Changes coming to Beertown.NZ

By BeertownNZ Wed, 30 Sep 2015 National

I started Beertown.NZ in June to test the appeal for a go-to website for craft brewing news in New Zealand.

The response is overwhelmingly positive. There’s lots of great people with great stories working in craft brewing, with something new happening every week.

The first change – Facebook. Go to keep up with Beertown.NZ on Facebook. Please like this page to stay in touch for updates and beer news. My original page will revert to boring personal stuff like preferred strings for funk bass and cat photos.

I’m also working on a new format for the website, moving away from the blog to a news magazine format with several articles posted at once. This will give me the opportunity to tell more stories each week and make Beertown.NZ financially sustainable. Watch this space.

As an experienced journalist, I believe there is room for a specialist media hub that understands the craft beer industry and where it’s going. Other media outlets too often see craft beer as a novelty or fad, and the industry overall needs to be alert to one-sided stories promoting 'alcohol harm’. Beertown.NZ provides a unique and useful link between the industry and beer fans. This is great time to be involved in craft beer. 

And, as always, your feedback is welcome.

Martin Craig (Cert. Craft of Beer)

By BeertownNZ Wed, 30 Sep 2015 National