Ringside seat to best beer year yet

By BeertownNZ Wed, 10 Feb 2016 National

Ok, it’s been a quiet summer at Beertown.NZ. I’ve taken a break from the beer bloggery to generously let you get away from the devices and enjoy a beer and a barbecue or two.

But it has been busy, working towards the launch of Beertown 2.0. As I’ve regularly threatened, Beertown.NZ is moving out of this blog format to an online news site dedicated to the New Zealand craft beer community. Beertown’s new incarnation will launch in a few weeks, and meantime it’s back to beer blogging business as usual.

This step up would not be possible without a brave group who have got behind it to support the next stage. The founding sponsors are:

I predict 2016 will be the biggest year yet for craft beer in New Zealand – in terms of variety, quality, number of breweries and production – and Beertown.NZ has a ringside seat. So it’s a very big thanks to each of the founding sponsors for supporting Beertown.NZ and the craft beer community – watch this space!

Martin Craig (Cert. Craft of Beer)

By BeertownNZ Wed, 10 Feb 2016 National