News, events & new releases 20 July

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Beertown! The Musical! - Beer! The Musical! has a new title and sponsor. Due to a clash with a previous production, the 'Hoperetta in Four Acts' has been renamed Beertown! The Musical!. Beertown.NZ is pleased to take up the sponsorship of this collaboration between Wellington's craft beer community and musicians. Development continues apace - producers report that the key routine, That's not a Proper Pint! (I'll show you a proper pint!) has been rewritten due to the unavailablity of Morris Dancers. "Keeping the number's English theme, we took a traditional Northumbrian folk song and reworked it into Massive Attack-style Trip Hop. It was easier than we expected," the writers say.


Events this week

Sip & Savour with the Villas and Emerson's Beer Matched Dinners - 6pm, Thursday 21 July, Villas cafe, 290 Montreal St, Christchurch

National Sculpin IPA Day - Friday 22 July, 12 astounding venues comprehensively covering the length and breadth of the county. Almost.

IPA Festival - 6pm 23 July, Space Academy, 371 St Asaph St, Christchurch

Beer Hunter movie screening - Tuesday 26 July, Galbraiths Alehouse, 2 Mt Eden Rd, Grafton, Auckland


Events next week

Winter Beer Tasting - 7pm, Wednesday 27 July, The Hour Glass, 49 Liardet St, New Plymouth. Six moreish Winter beers, picked for optimum warming of the cockles, featuring Scotch Ale, Brown Ale and of course some delicious Stouts. Truffles and Cognac barrels might even make an appearance. Book on Facebook link above.

Behemoth Brewing 3rd Birthday - Thursday 28 July, Rogue & Vagabond, Wellington

9th Annual West Coast IPA Challenge - 29 July, Malthouse, 48 Courtenay Pl, Wellington



Californian Craft Beer Tasting - 6.30pm, Wednesday 3 August, Vultures Lane, Vulcan Lane, Auckland

Behemoth Brewing 3rd Birthday - Friday 5 August, Pomeroys, Christchurch

Road to Beervana - 7-14 August, 51 events across thirtyleven venues in Wellington and, for the first time ever, Christchurch.

British Tap Takeover - Wednesday 10 August, One Fat Bird, 162 Karori Rd, Karori, Wellington

Beervana - 12-13 August, Westpac Stadium, Wellington. Tickets selling fast!


New releases

Sunshine Brewery Electron IPA (7%) – HOPS! And More HOPS! 6 Different Varieties added at Multiple stages to give this big tasting beer a deep complexity.

Fork Brewing Puns & Goses German Sour Wheat ( 3.7%) A traditional German Gose brewed with Cook Strait seawater and Indian Coriander, Puns N' Goses has a puckering sourness, which dominates the palate with hints of lemon zest, coriander spice and celery salt. Wheat malt contributes a smooth body with a subtle, bready character. Available today at Fork & Brewer, Bond St, Wellington.

Tuatara Third Eye Hypernova NZIPA (8%) - Think of it as a Super-Sauvinova, laden with Nelson Sauvin hops. Available today at Third Eye, 30 Arthur St, Te Aro, Wellington 

By BeertownNZ Wed, 20 Jul 2016 National