The GodsOwn/Beertown hop project is blooming

By BeertownNZ Fri, 03 Feb 2017 Central NI

The GodsOwn Brewery hop garden is starting to produce hop cones.

After a dry and windy summer, the bines are in flower now with cones starting to show at the top. The GodsOwn hop garden covers an area about the size of a tennis court, and is planted in Smoothcone variety hops.

Beertown.NZ visited GodsOwn over the weekend, and the plan is to harvest and brew in early March. We’ve been tracing the progress of the hops since they sprouted, and the Hop Project will follow the process through harvest, brewing, right through to the final burp.

You can visit the hop garden at GodsOwn’s brew bar in Maraekakaho in rural Hawke’s Bay. Check out the very smart little Premier Stainless brewery, and try the GodsOwn beers with barbecued food and wood-fired pizza. Takeaway beer sales are available too.

GodsOwn brew bar and hop garden is open from 11am-10pm Wednesday to Sunday at 3672 State Highway 50, Maraekakaho, Hawke’s Bay

By BeertownNZ Fri, 03 Feb 2017 Central NI